Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Second post: Introduction to The Fleet.

So now that the main idea of this blog is kinda explained, which is cars, automotive topics, cool shit period, and the idea of having fun with car groups. (which now is semi clear if it wasn't before)

Now there will be an introduction to my and perhaps some of my buddies cars, if time and my G.f let me haha.

We go with a brief pictorial history. In semi-order and missing some cars in between but i'll try to make it kinda decent. while my pix load here's a list of the previous cars in my fleet in semi-chronological order and sort of by type.

88 Pontiac Grand Prix
64 Chevrolet Bel-air
96 Chevrolet Tahoe 2dr
94 GMC Suburban
79 Ford F150 Ranger
86? Pontiac Fiero
89 Toyota MR2
88 Toyota MR2
86 Toyota MR2
85 Toyota Corolla sr5
87 Toyota Corolla GTS
88 Mazda RX7
90 Mazda RX7
88 Mazda RX7
89 Acura Integra
88 Honda CRX
00 Honda Civic EX
03 Hyundai Tiburon GT V6
89 Nissan 240SX
90 Nissan 240sx
95 Nissan 240sx
95 Nissan 240sx
93 Nissan D21
78 Datsun 280z
88 Ford f150
89 BMW 325i

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The first post. Introduction to Air Craft.

Air Craft is just a name I came up with since I've always made a mental connection between sport cars and aircraft since my first ''sports'' car , an mk1 mr2. Which was black and I dubbed stealthfighter due to the fact that it reminded me of the sharp angles and hue of the ghost birds.

Since then I've owned several japanese sports cars and I appreciate their engineering and design styles. I have very little preference for country of origin when it comes to cars. I believe every car can acheive an aircraft-like prescence , like ww2 fighter planes , or high tech laser battle machines. Whatever your taste in cars or aircraft , fast , mean and lean are the things all cars aspire to be.

And remember all good things have a humble beginning.